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Sunday, July 15, 2012


and mine knows that it is really, really stopped up.  Remember when I fell over the curb at Starbucks this winter?  After that I had a period of time when I couldn't smell or taste things.  This sent me to an ENT who stuck that long tube up my nose and told me I had a deviated septum.  Well, last Wed I had the surgery to straighten my septum and get rid of excessive tissue in my nose. It has not been fun.  First of all I can't breathe through my nose..... at all, therefore I can't taste anything.......again. Or smell. Two things I like doing a lot.  Secondly, I have to do this gross nasal wash with saline twice a day, for TWO weeks!!  I'm NOT explaining it...the term nasal irrigation should be explanation enough.  It is not pretty. I am not allowed to blow my nose, lift anything heavy, bend over to get things off the floor, and should refrain from sneezing, if at all possible.  If I do have to sneeze, I am to do it with my mouth open, only.  How do you think that goes over in a grocery store?

I'm hoping I will be glad I had this done, but right now the antibiotic they have me on makes me nauseated all day long.  So let me sum this up.  A simple little Starbucks stop  caused me to injure myself enough that I had to have long tubes stuck up in my nose, followed by surgery to fix my nose, which lead to unpleasant  treatments involving fluids running into my nose, also causing restrictions on how I am able to use my own body, to clean my house, or rid it of foreign objects, like pollens that must be ejected from said body immediately........AND finally, I am a terribly allergic person who is now a social outcast because I must sneeze with my mouth wide open.  When people look at me they don't know about my nose, it looks fine.  So, now I'm just a weird old lady who sneezes with her mouth open..........all because I wanted a mocha frappacino on a rainy winter day, and forgot that there was a cement curb to step over on my way back to the car.  It could happen to anyone...right?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


HB has been in the hospital twice since I blogged last.  His disease affects his lungs and he has difficulty breathing.  In case anyone is interested his disease is antiphospholipid syndrome.  It's a clotting disorder.  His blood clots too easily.  While it's not uncommon to carry the marker for the disease only 4-5% of the population in the world actually has the disease.  I wonder if I've blogged about this before?  It's night and I'm too lazy to go through all my posts, so if I have, just skim on past this.  Anyhow, he's been feeling kind of punk so we've been spending lots of time at Dr's offices etc.  He has home oxygen and is hooked up to an oxygen concentrator during the day with this 50 foot tube he drags behind.  One of us is going to trip over it and do some serious damage to ourselves.  One thing is's never dull at our house.
We did go to a wedding in Indianapolis last weekend.  It was family and I made Hank take it easy.  We went to Nordstrom's while we were there.  Well actually I went to Nordstrom's while Hank and his brother, who is a pulmonologist sat in the mall.  My sister in law went to some other stores.  OMG I love Nordstroms.  In 15 min. I bought perfume, a pair of shoes and a cool top.  Everything I saw I loved!  Their shoe department was gigantic....and the shoes were AWESOME !!!!!!!!
Here's a picture  Cute huh?  It's canvas.  I love shoes and purses, way too much :)  Okay enough rambling.  I just wanted you to know I am still around.  Hope everyone is having a great summer.
TOMS 'Catino' Ballet Flat