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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This is the year I turn 70.  It's kind of frightening, actually.  My grandmother once told me, and I think I've mentioned it before, that your life goes by in the blink of an eye.  I didn't believe it when she said it, but I do now.  The women in my family usually live into their 90's, however I kind of hope I don't make it that long.  If I lived to be 85, that's only 15 more years.  Do you know how fast 15 years go? I feel like these last two years have been such a hard time for our family.  I want us all to be happy again, but I think divorce leaves a scar that really never heals. It cuts through the whole family and leaves little nicks of sadness, anger, disbelief, and causes so much pain to all involved.  We all have struggled to understand and tried to move on, but when you had so much love for the person who left so unexpectedly it's difficult.  I don't want to be sad anymore, if I only have 15 years I want to live them hard.  I need to work on this, because as my grandmother's gone in the blink of an eye.