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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today is day three of watching my three youngest grandchildren.  They are 6, 5 and 2 1/2 and busy, busy, busy. The youngest, a girl spilled her drink a total of 4 times just today before I could get to Target for some sippy cups.  Sometimes the spills were OJ,... very sticky.  They call me Happy and most of the time I am, until today when I found a melted Popsicle on my bedside table.  Popsicle's are to be eaten in the kitchen or in the room with hardwood floors, not in Happy's bedroom.  Not only was the Popsicle a melted mess of goo, it's essence had been absorbed by the oldest GrD's Junie B Jones' new book.  Oldest GrD was not amused, neither was Happy. Youngest GrD did not see the error of her ways, but she is just 2 and 1/2 as she will proudly tell you This mishap required an immediate trip to Barnes and Noble to replace said book...and guess what? (Junie B says guess what a lot) There were other Junie B  books there that were calling GrD's name...and of course we couldn't leave without a book for the other two, even the Popsicle Offender.

I am so loving the time with them, but oh am I old.  I am in denial that I will be 68 this Wed.  I awake in the morning and my joints are very unhappy and they complain when I try to move them.  I have to spend a lot of time stretching and convincing my body that it really does want to get up.  Then I have to take two Tylenol (On blood thinners so no Motrin for me) and a really hot shower.  With the grandchildren here things don't necessarily go in that order :).  I wouldn't trade it for anything though.  This is a little bit of heaven that not all grandparents get.

Oh dear......guess what we just found that SHE (she being the Popsicle offender, of course)
 did?  Here's a picture and it's permanent marker, in case you are wondering.  She found it in a desk drawer.  Clever isn't she?  Now what was I saying about not trading them?

But look at that face  


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I've been waiting for this day for a long time.  I wondered if it would ever happen.  There was talk about it several years ago, but plans changed.  I've been holding my breath for the last several months, even when he started his own company and took on a project up here, even when they sold their house in Georgia, I still wouldn't let myself believe it.  Then they rented a house here in Louisville....and tomorrow(well, actually today, since I am writing this after midnight) the moving truck is coming to their house in Georgia.  By tonight I should have three of my grandchildren in my house as they wait for their furniture to arrive.  My son, his wife and their children are actually moving to Louisville.  Since I retired and HB has been sick I have really felt like I haven't had a whole lot of purpose in life.  I think that's going to change and I am so looking forward to it.  There will be baseball games, horseback riding lessons, ballet, and just pick ups from preschool and kindergarten.  I need to be needed again.  I want to read stories and play games and explore unknown places.  I want to do the things with my grandchildren that I never seemed to have the time to do with my children.  I want our grandson from St Louis to come spend time with his cousins.  HB and I love being with all of them.  I think this is going to be a real change in our lives, but a good change.  I am smiling as I am writing this.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


So yesterday HB and I were out running some errands on a cold and rainy day.  I asked him to stop at Starbucks before we went home and while I ran in he was reading the car manual of the "car that confuses us."  I was feeling good as I left the store.  Meredith (yes, I know their names) had made me an extra thick mocha frapp and it was so big she had to put a dome lid on it.  I was admiring it's beauty as I left the store.  This caused me to forget that there was a cement curb that I needed to step OVER on my way to the car.  BAM, in a nano second I did a perfect face plant.  If it had been an Olympic event I would have received 10's across the board.  My nose even hit exactly on center as it was pushed back into my head.  As I picked my head up, the first thing I saw was my beautiful frappacino spread in a fan like design across the blacktop in front of me...and then the pain struck.  My nose and my right knee were on fire and I was lying in a puddle of cold, cold water.  I could not get up.  I banged on the side of the car.....nothing.  I banged again, still nothing.  I managed to get to my knees and pull myself up by the side view mirror.  There was HB sitting in the car reading the damn manual.  He looked up startled and came to my rescue.  I was kinda mad when he said "I was wondering what that pounding was?" Well, actually more than kinda, but the pain overruled everything at that point.  Several hours later and lots of ice and Tylenol and there was no major damage, just bruises and sore joints.

Today I am just a mass of aches and sore spots.  Nothing rest and Tylenol won't fix. HB has been informed that it is necessary to get out of the car and investigate all pounding sounds when I am with him.  I hope I don't have to find out if he remembers this.