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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It's been a rough couple of months but things are finally settling down.  It took me a month to get over whatever I had.  It was a nasty bug.  Then I went to Florida to be with my mom while she had a mastectomy.  She tried the chemo but it made her very sick so the surgery was the next choice.  For a 90 year old woman she did amazingly well.  She is now taking care of herself full time.
My son bought a house, but while waiting for the sale to close he and his 3 children lived with us.  I found out I wear out a lot faster than I used to.  The kids are 4, 6, and 7.  Very busy and sometimes very messy.  Wouldn't trade the time we've had with them for anything though.
On Friday we leave for St Louis for the birth of our 5th grandchild....another sweet boy.  A whole week of smelling a new baby head.  I love it!  My daughter believes in holding the baby whenever you feel like it so we mostly sit around playing pass the baby.  Every now and then she insists on holding it herself, so we give in and let her hold her own baby :)  This baby has a 9 year old brother who will need lots of attention too.  Although he's so excited about having a brother he has been number one for nine years.  This could be a bit of an adjustment, but he has such a loving heart, I know he will do fine.
I'll post a picture of the new little guy as soon as I have one.  It's Derby weekend in Louisville.  Have a great Derby everyone!