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Thursday, December 13, 2012


This is my newest grandbaby.  He's 18 weeks old and he weighs 9 oz.  I think he is beautiful.  His big brother was Sweet Baboo One and he will be 9 years old when this one is born.  Harrison is so excited that the baby is a boy.  He is going to teach him how to be a goalie in ice hockey, just like he is.  Harrison is our oldest grandchild and this little one will be our youngest.  Three boys and two girls.  We are blessed, and very, very thankful.

Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm really determined to get some things on Etsy, so I've been trying to add something new everyday.  This is what I put on tonight.  You can see it here:  While making beads tonight I burned the  palm of my hand, where my thumb is.  YOWZERS that hurt.  I am now soaking my hand in a combo of Aloe and ice water.  Usually works for me.  At least I didn't stick my hand directly in the flame this time.  I laid it down on a graphite marver that I had been using on a hot bead for about 20 min.....did I mention that graphite is a wonderful conductor of heat?