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Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm really determined to get some things on Etsy, so I've been trying to add something new everyday.  This is what I put on tonight.  You can see it here:  While making beads tonight I burned the  palm of my hand, where my thumb is.  YOWZERS that hurt.  I am now soaking my hand in a combo of Aloe and ice water.  Usually works for me.  At least I didn't stick my hand directly in the flame this time.  I laid it down on a graphite marver that I had been using on a hot bead for about 20 min.....did I mention that graphite is a wonderful conductor of heat?


  1. What a pretty bracelet. Nice to have you back Harriet I enjoy reading your blog. You are a talented writer amongst other things.

  2. Harriet - you and I have been at the torch almost the same number of years. I started March, 1998.
    We shouldn't STILL be burning ourselves.