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Thursday, November 29, 2012


I started making some beads again.  I'm putting things in my Etsy shop for now.   Stress can really beat the heck out of a person, so I'm taking is slowly.  I'm going to a counselor too.  I just have to find a way to deal with all of this sadness that seems to surround me and my entire family. My son told me the other day that he still wakes up in the morning and can't believe that it happened.  Honestly, I can't either.  I think we will all be better when the divorce is final, but of course for the children that is when reality begins to set in.  It is what it is, but it's still the second saddest thing in my whole life.

Here are some pictures of what I put in my Etsy shop......trying to end on a good note here.  Our family is strong, in the end we will be okay.


  1. Gorgeous beads! Glad you are able to be a little creative now and do something for you. Counselling will help I'm sure as it has certainly helped me and still is. Stay strong :-)

  2. Sad things in our lives certainly suck the energy from our minds and bodies, don't they?
    Divorce, even when it's fairly easy, is never easy. When kids are involved, it puts a whole new light on their lives - forever. I'm sorry.