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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Well, I haven't started the quilt yet, even though my intentions were good.  I did, however, clean my studio.  Wow was that a job!  When you are a beadmaker there is just a certain amount of mess involved.  Little pieces of glass pop off the rods as you are heating them.  The kiln wash that you put on the mandrels to keep the glass from sticking to them seems to flake off everywhere.  Then there is the whole frit thing.  Frits are ground up pieces of glass that are about the size of coarse salt.  It is used to decorate the beads. Beads are often rolled in frit and then it is melted into the glass.  When you pour frit out into a small container to be used  on your workbench it seems to want to go everywhere.  It spills, it overflows, and never stays where you put it. Same with the enamels, which require careful use because they are a powdered form of glass, and very bad for the lungs.  You need to wear a respirator when working with enamels.  That makes you feel awkward in the first place,  Then the enamels tend to stay in clumps,. so when you pour them, they all decide to come out of the jar at once.
I will be the first to admit that I'm not a neat beadmaker, but I do clean off my workbench every night when I am done for the day.  However the stuff on the floor is left to accumulate...and it does.  So I spent a good 5 days cleaning everything up.  This included my jewelry making table where hundreds of seed beads waited to be returned to their original containers.  I nixed that idea and introduced them to the waste basket.  Sometimes I am just ruthless :).....maybe lazy would be a better term.   I did get some beads made this week and right now these beads are on ebay.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I'm on Prednisone again so I'm hoping to get all my dresser drawers and closets cleaned out this week!.......and a slew of beads made!

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  1. LOL!! I know exactly what you mean about the bead making messes!!! My bench needs serious attention right now so I can get back to work today! The beads you posted are beautiful! I always loved your watercolor florals.