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Monday, March 11, 2013


I am now into week four of my horrible, terrible, no good, yucky illness.  This thing has a HOLD on me.  I had another chest x-ray and no more pneumonia, but I got the drags bad.  Every morning I wake up determined to feel better.  I take a shower, eat some cereal....and make a U turn right back to bed. So I sleep for awhile, check my email, play some solitaire and get up for lunch.  Eating takes all my energy so I lay back down for a nap.  The next thing I know it's dinner time, some soup, back to bed and back to sleep.  I wake up in time to take my pills, brush my teeth and go back to sleep.  This is getting old, but par for the course says my doc.  The last time I was this sick is when I had the Hong Kong flu in the 60's.  I had my flu shot this year, but I have heard they aren't as effective as they should be....hmmmm.  HB has it too.  We are a pitiful pair.
Tomorrow I am going out to my studio, even if it's only for 30 min and all I do is touch glass and maybe take some pictures.  I need something to look forward know??

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  1. Whatever you do - don't light that torch. I don't want your next blog to be about burning off your bangs.
    I've never had a flu shot but I've never had the flu either.
    I'm so sorry that you and Hank are living in the "bug house."