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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Since selling options are limited I am giving Etsy one more try, but I don't have high expectations.  There are several shops locally they have an interest in my jewelry but they want 50% of the total sale.  Somehow that just doesn't seem fair to me.  I supply the glass, make the beads, design the jewelry, using my sterling silver clasps etc and other findings.  Then I deliver the finished piece to the store.  I would go 60/40, but 50% is just too much.  Here are two pictures of the bracelets I have on Etsy right now.


I am not ready for Thanksgiving yet, although I have a good start.  We will be small in number this year, just HB, me, Sara, son and the three grands.  Looking forward to that.  Son's GF might be here too.  That will be nice.  It's great to see him happy again.  We all are adjusting to our new normal, but it has been a difficult and extremely emotional experience for all of us. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!  

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  1. I know how you feel about the 50% thing. Of the consignments that I do/used to do, there was only one place that insisted in 50%.
    We're even smaller than you guys - mom, my sister, my husband and me.
    I hope you all adjust to the "new normal" which will always be a bit different.
    Happy Turkey Day to you and yours!