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Friday, April 11, 2014


Okay, I finally got over celebrating my birthday, but it was a lot of fun.  Now, I have two shows to get ready for and I am low on inventory.  The first show is the yearly fund raiser for Day Spring, where my Sara lives.  I donate 50% of whatever I sell.  It's called the Concrete Ball because it is sponsored by several concrete businesses here in Louisville.  I have a great beadmaker friend, Jackie, who does this with me and donates 50% of her sales that is a good friend :)
Hank and I often talk about how lucky we are that Sara lives at Day Spring.  We bring her home almost every Sat and she spends the night and there is no one she loves more than her Dad, but she is happy living there.  She has friends and activities.  She goes to an adult day program 4 days a week.  I wish there were programs like this for all adults with disabilities.

I was in Florida last week visiting my mom.  It rained almost everyday while I was gone.  The first thing I noticed when I got home was this big crack in our kitchen ceiling right around the sky light.  HB had not even noticed it.  What is it with men and their vision?  Honestly, if Hank is looking for something, like his billfold, which is a daily occurrence I might add, if it is not within 3 feet of his visual field he cannot find it.  This crack was not tiny and he had not seen it......amazing :)

Of course this crack means $$$$$.  I hate spending money of things like that.  it's like buying new tires, who notices, or cares?  I would much rather spend the money on  glass for my studio, or a new computer, or things for my grandchildren....sigh.

Oh, here's a reason that my bead inventory is low.  I kind of found a new hobby.  It's just something I'm playing around with.  I tried Zentangles but found out I liked drawing real things, in odd colors, better.  It makes HB sigh a lot.  He thinks I should be in my studio creating beads :)



  1. Ok. From the bottom up: I love your new hobby. Shhhh, don't tell Hank; I'm conspiring with the enemy. hehe I love the wacky colors.
    Peter can stand right next to the calendar and ask me (I'm in a totally different room) about the date. Yikes!
    I am thrilled that you have Day Spring for Sara. I also wish there were more of them around. Everyone, no matter their status in life, needs to feel some independence.

  2. Harriet, I have been thinking about your beautiful beads lately! I'm wondering if you're on Facebook, have you seen the new(ish) group called 'Lampwork Beads for Sale'? People are selling their beads there, auction style. Many people are doing quite well! I'm finding it worthwhile. I often think it would be so nice to see your lovely beads there too! Maybe once you have finished with your shows you can check it out… Good luck with those. And I love your drawing with all the colors!! -- Julie

  3. Thanks for your kind words about my beads, Julie. Yes I am on Facebook and I know about the Lampwork beads for sale. I will probably try it out sometime after the first of June, which is my last show for awhile. I sure appreciate you thinking about me and my beads! :)