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Thursday, October 13, 2016


The heart cath went ok, except for the fact that a resident left a bruise on my arm that is of  humongous size. Got more info from my transplant coordinator after spending two hours learning about all that happens before during and after a transplant.  I will be on immunosupresent drugs for the rest of my life, also Prednisone...the drug I love and hate.  Love because it diminishes my joint pain, hate because it makes me so hungry.  Patients do gain weight post surgery, so I need to lose 15 lbs to give me some leeway.  Some of the other restrictions are as follows,  no beadmaking post surgery, ever again.  Now that makes me sad, but I like breathing more than making beads so I will just suck it up.  I cannot be in rooms with any kind of fans, no flowers or plants inside the house, ever again.  That's another sad one because I LOVE flowers.  HB will just have to plant lots of flowers outside so I can enjoy looking at them.  No alcohol,  which isn't a big deal except that I love a Cosmo every once and awhile. No cats and when my dog goes to the Rainbow Bridge we can't get another one.
I have more lab work and X-rays next Tues and have to have a colonoscopy ASAP.  If all goes well I should know if I have been accepted into the program within a couple of weeks.  Once accepted you must stay within 2 hours of the hospital.  That means no more Florida trips to see my 94 year old mom, no trips to St Louis to see two of our grandchildren.  My mom knows I have pulmonary fibrosis but she doesn't know about the transplant plans so my sister and I will be making a quick trip down there in the next two weeks.  This will probably be the last time I will be able to see my mom....that's a really hard one.  My mom has dementia so I hope she doesn't realize this.
This is monumental in so many ways. Sometimes I feel really good about it and other times it scares the hell out of me.

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  1. Scared? I'm sure you are - I would be too. You're making such a brave decision - based on love.
    I can only imagine how much you'll miss melting glass but I have a suggestion: come over to my side. The paper bead making side.
    Keeping good thoughts for you, pal.