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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I'm showing you a picture of my workbench in the final days before my show.  I have a dear friend named Ellen whom I've never met in person, but we've been cyber buddies for years.  She always freaks out when she sees my table pictures.  I get the feeling we are polar opposites when it comes to jewelry making :)  I'm one of those people who just functions better in chaos.  Believe me, I don't seek it, but it always seems to be nipping at my heels.  I cleaned my whole table off tonight before I started, yet by the end it looked just like this picture….sigh.
I don't think I have enough inventory for a two day show, but it is what it is.  I've been having a terrible time with arthritis in my hands and fingers.  It runs in the family so I am not surprised.  Just wondering what form of entertainment I will take up next.
Okay here are the pictures.  First is my torch area and then my work table….see, I can't create unless I have lots of choices in front of me…I'm sorry Ellen, I know this probably made you twitch :)



  1. OUCH! Oh! Oh! My eyes, my eyes!!! There's a huge twitch going on in my right cheek too - the one on my face. hee hee
    Don't forget we're going to hoist a glass of something @ 1p on Sat. to toast one another at our shows.

  2. LOL, I knew this would get you! For sure we are toasting each other on Sat. I will be toasting with a Starbucks, of course :) Hope you have a wonderful show, Ellen!!