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Sunday, October 6, 2013


freak me out?  Stink bugs!!  I hate them!  I am being attacked nightly as I try to make beads.  Think about it.  I am mixing fire, my fingers, molten glass, and intense concentration with flying things that dive bomb me.  It happened on three separate occasions tonight.  HB was called each time and he came with his fly swatter and killed the pesky offenders, BUT I don't like it when they land in my hair or make a quick pass very close to my torch.  Sometimes they are so blatant that they land on one of my rods of glass and just sit there looking at me.  Last week one landed and became entangled in my hair.  My loud shrieking brought HB pretty quickly to my studio.  By then I had shaken the vile thing out of my hair, but as I turned away from my husband he saw two of them on the back of my shirt!!  Really, I need to complain to HR about my work site.  I wish I could figure out where they are getting in.  At the top of HB's "honey do" list for tomorrow is how to keep stink bugs out of my studio.......I'm such a wuss.  Anyone have any ideas?


  1. I've read clove oil could help.... They love to look for some warm rooms, if it's getting cold outside. And install fly screens for your windows.
    Good luck!

    1. I haven't had bug issues since I moved my torch from my mom's basement to my enclosed back porch.
      I remember, vividly, having encounters with flying insects (not a lot but enough to be annoying and distracting) in that basement. My favorite part was when they burst into flames when they got too close to my torch. Pyrotechnics!