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Sunday, September 22, 2013


So I mentioned that I recently had eye surgery, although I said it was my right eye and it's really my left.  I had cataract surgery several years ago and my eyelids fell as a result of this...who knew?  So the doctor lifted them, which was really kind of cool since it was all covered by insurance.  Not to mention that it was necessary, since I could barely see out of either eye since my lids were so squinty.  For about a year all was going well and then the left lid fell again, apparently not too unusual, but requiring yet another lift.  This is not a brow lift, but a lid lift.  They cut into your lid and stitch it up into the muscle that is behind your brow bone....Yikes!!  You have to be awake for this because they want you to be able to open and close your eyes.  They do give you a local anesthetic, which, I might add, hurts just a tad more than the bee sting they describe!!  Here's what I have looked like the last 4 or 5 days  This may gross you out.......sorry.  I will show you an after pic in a couple of weeks. It will be better, I promise.


  1. Cool. I dig post surgical pics. Hope this one does the trick.

  2. Me too Ellen, but it's probably the nurse in me. I am hoping it looks better before too long since I have to explain it to people on the street :)