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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I've been re-thinking this bead thing.  I don't think I want to quit yet.  I've been in a slump for so long, but for some reason, lately, I feel renewed.  For one thing, a woman with an upscale shop had closed due to her father's death.  She called while I was down at my mom's and talked to HB.  She's re-opening and wants to have my jewelry in the shop again.  That made me smile because my pieces always sold well there.  Recently, I applied, and was juried into the Louisville Artisan's Guild.  They have a 2 day show in mid Nov.  Another positive opportunity.  So, for the time being, the wheels are back on the bus :)
I bought a new photo tent, which I love.  It makes picture taking so much easier.  Here are a couple of photos.



  1. Beautiful Beads!!!
    I'm glad that you are re-thinking!
    Greetings Daniela

  2. Thanks for your sweet words, Daniela. You made me smile!

  3. I saw your bead on LE the other day and knew - you were back.
    Your beads are just too wonderful to stop.
    Slumps are rough - for whatever reason.
    The two shops that carry my stuff sell very, very little. That leaves my 2 open houses per year. It's hard to get motivated for just those 2 events.
    I've been thinking this Nov. might be my last. Hard to say.

  4. It's fine, to read you're back on torch again. Beautiful beads!

  5. Harriet, your work is always inspiring! Keep on sitting behind that torch and your artist mojo will find you.

    Best wishes, Ilene Richardson