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Sunday, December 8, 2013


Sorry, I know people aren't crazy about looking at pictures of other people's grandchildren, but I just had to show this one of Jake.  He went shopping for his first Christmas tree.  I just love his outfit, and he has that serious look on his face that his brother always had when he was that age.

I really liked having something nice to write about since it's been a pretty crummy week.  Sara had a bad fall at Day Spring, the community where she lives.  Since she can't identify where she hurts it becomes a guessing game to find out where the injury is.  This time is was in the place I always feared and knew was coming.  She apparently fell face first and hit her teeth on the floor.  She has a big chip out of one of her front teeth and the other front tooth looks like someone took a chisel to it.  It has tiny gouges all over the front surface of the tooth where enamel is missing.  I called her dentist and we are going in on Monday morning.  I just feel so sad for Sara.  I would give anything, and I do mean anything, if she could just tell us what hurts.  I would also give that "anything" if she could just keep her balance and not fall as often as she does.  She is so sweet and happy all the time. I   don't understand why the most innocent have to suffer so much sometimes.


  1. Who's tired of seeing pics of grandchildren? Not me. Besides, this is your blog and you get to do whatever you like here. That's how I feel about mine. I find writing a blog a cathartic experience whether people read it or not.
    So sorry to hear about Sara's fall. I've told you before that she reminds me so much of my best friend's daughter so I feel a bit of a connection to her. Katie also falls when she has seizures. She refuses to wear a helmet so it makes life scary for everyone.