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Saturday, September 27, 2014


How can summer be over already?  .....and how can it be six weeks since I wrote anything here?  Well I might as well share the worst news first! THEY'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!  Night before last I was sitting at my torch and I thought I saw something fly by my head, but it was only one time, so I blamed it on an eye floater.  However, last night there was an invasion....actually my DH killed about 6-8 of them but how can a person work when STINK BUGS are practicing their dive bombing skills right over your head??
We went through this last year so Honey Bunny sprayed my studio frequently this summer, he caulked windows and any openings he could find.  He even made a couple of those upside down two liter traps with an LED light in the bottom.  I haven't been in the studio yet to see if we caught any that way last night.   Anyone out there got any suggestions?   Anyone else having problems with them?  Seriously, they are a little tiny bug, there has got to be a way to get rid of them.  Maybe I could make some kind of fireproof netting to wear when I torch. Oh please somebody help me.  I am such a wuss!!

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  1. First off - let me just say . . . FINALLY. I've been waiting for a Harriet update.
    Second - I love that you blamed "floaters" at first. hahaha
    Third - never under estimate the wicked ways of stink bugs.
    Fourth - how about one of those bee catcher hats? If you go in that direction you MUST have Honey Bunny take a pic.