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Saturday, June 27, 2015


I am probably the world's worst blogger.  Since my last post Sara has been in the hospital twice with a shunt malfunction.  Hank was in once with double vision, and I have stayed away from being a patient myself.  It seems that we have just had a huge black cloud over us for a long, long time.  I refuse to be deterred from my effort to be and stay clouds or not.
My grandchildren continue to grow and bring so much happiness to my life, I am still breathing, life is good.


  1. I've been looking for you everyday but definitely understand that damn cloud thing. From FB I have seen Sara and Hank's issues so you just do whatcha gotta do, my friend.
    You can't dim that smile - it's a "megga-watter."

  2. Good to finally hear from you but can understand why you haven't blogged.
    TRY to stay out from under that black cloud and keep on keeping on.
    Think of you and Hank often.
    Mary C.