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Sunday, September 20, 2015


Tomorrow is my oldest child's 44th birthday. How can this be?  Where did all that time go?
 I know I put her to bed just a short time ago.  I watched her sleep with those little brown curls spread out across her pillow.  I loved watching my babies sleep.

She always woke up happy and ready to go.  Her favorite songs to sing were "E-iii Donald" her own special version of old McDonald had a Farm, and Delta Dawn.  Now her youngest child, Jake, who is two, sings his favorite song "Head shoulders knees and toes. I see so much of her in him.


It is so weird how fast time goes.  When you are young it drags, when you are old it goes so fast and you want to say...stop, just a little bit slower please.  I want to enjoy every moment of this time...and still it races by. It's hard to watch those sweet grandchildren go up so fast, harder yet to see your own children age.  Eventually you have to look in the mirror and see your own aging face :)

My sweet girl is now grown and watching her with her own family brings me much joy.  I am blessed to be her mom.  Happy Birthday Jen!

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  1. Beautiful painting, beautiful sentiments!
    I'm in the slow phase of life. It seems scary to me to imagine it going quickly, as if it would be too much pressure to make every moment count. Is that how it feels? I wish I enjoyed each moment now, but sometimes it's just too boring. :-P