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Sunday, November 20, 2011


First I had my bead show, then an unexpected 5 day trip to Florida to check on my mom who has been in the hospital.  Now I am back home preparing for the onslaught arrival of some of our family on Monday:)  Actually, we are looking forward to the arrival part. It's our son, his wife, and 3 of our grandchildren and they are bringing with them the news that they are moving back to Louisville!  HB and I have hoped for this for a long, long time.  Having the opportunity to be involved in the lives of the little ones on a frequent basis is heaven sent.  The kids are 6, almost 5 and 2, so there are lots of dance recitals, baseball games and cookies to be made and tasted.  I love being a grandmother!  I enjoy all of my grandchildren in a way so differently than I enjoyed my children.  I guess it's because in the end they are not my total responsibility, as long as I protect them on my watch.  I get mostly the fun parts, except for an occasional meltdown which is over quickly with the offer of chocolate....shhhhh don't tell !

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