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Monday, December 26, 2011


That's what I intend on taking, now that Christmas is over.  I do love the season, but the older I get the more it wears me out.  After spending the weekend before Christmas with three of our grandchildren who came in from Atlanta and then driving to St. Louis to be with our other grandchild, I am officially "done in".  I loved every single second of our time with all of them, but now I'm going to really enjoy that nap:)  I have a book I want to read, a scarf I want to finish knitting, and after a long break my studio is calling my name.  Maybe my mojo is back.  I do know that my jewelry has been selling at the new store so that makes me happy.  Please go read the comment my Honey Bunny made under the My Mojo and a Whine entry.  He cracks me up sometimes!!  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that the coming year brings you happiness.

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