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Thursday, March 8, 2012


some thirty years later.  The past two days HB and I have been talking care of three of the grandchildren during the day while mom is on a business trip and dad is working.  We arrive at their home around 7am and the race is on.  The dad( our son, has lunch boxes, backpacks, milk money, and important papers all in order) From 7 until 8:30 we awaken a 2 1/2, 5, and 6 yr old, feed them, oversee dressing, supervise teeth brushing, tame unruly hair, find shoes, and search for a missing blankie.  HB takes the oldest to the bus stop while I put the finishing touches on the younger ones.  By the time we drop the little ones off at preschool at 9 am we are certain we have put in a full day's work :)  Two pm comes before we know it and we are back at their house waiting for big sister to get home from school and dad to come home from work.  Watching the children's interaction is really interesting.  Today there was a 30 min. altercation concerning three piggy banks and a variety of accusations about who took money from who's bank.  There were tears, some yelling, and many unknowns.  The 5 year old was the most upset, just sure that his oldest sister had taken money out of his bank.......and then the sweetest thing happened.  The littlest one said, "Don't cry, Buddy, I'll give you some of my money" and upstairs they went and she put some of her money in his bank......all was right with the world. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all settle things this easily?

I would not trade these days or this time for anything in the world, even though by nighttime I am feeling pretty worn's a happy tired.  I feel so lucky.


  1. Harriet,
    "You feel so lucky".........YOU ARE SO LUCKY with those beautiful g/kids.

  2. Thanks Mary, I sure do enjoy having them right here!