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Friday, March 2, 2012


About a month ago I noticed that I couldn't smell anything.  When we got our new car I couldn't smell that new car smell.....and seriously, we only get a new car every 10 years so I wanted to enjoy that new car smell!  Then my DIL gave me some roses for my birthday and there was no smell to them for me, although everyone else thought they smelled wonderful.  I made a pot roast for dinner one night....nothing.  Now I have a nose that could smell our dryer burning in the basement from the second floor in the house.  I could smell Reese's peanut butter cups being chewed in a closed mouth and don't ever think that you could hide any kind of chocolate from me because my nose WOULD find it.  Unfortunately my nose also finds molds, budding trees, and ragweed.  These items do not make it happy. I love smells....the ocean, puppy breath, chocolate cake in the oven, my grand children's clean heads, fingernail polish,  fresh mint, potato chips when you first open the bag, coffee brewing,...I could go on and on....but as you can probably tell, smelling is kind of important to me.  So today I went to the nose doctor.
He said I have a very inflamed nose.  He determined this by sticking this long black stick up my nose and then looking through a camera at the other end.  When I first saw the stick it looked like some form of torture, but in reality it didn't hurt as much as I anticipated. I kind of thought it was a piece of cake until he told me that he couldn't get the tube in far enough because of the swelling...yikes!  So he ordered a bunch of meds to reduce the swelling and then I go back in three weeks, so he can explore my sinus cavities, the higher regions of my nasal passages, and who knows what else.  I am thrilled at the prospect :(
One of the drugs he ordered to clear the inflammation is Prednisone...for three weeks, starting with 40mg a day for a week.  I have a love/ hate relationship with Pred.  It makes my aching joints feel wonderful.  My neck no longer hurts and my knees don't complain as I walk along.  I have energy, too much energy.  I can't sleep and I become a cleaning machine.  There is no job I will not tackle...clean the oven, clean out the frig, clean closets and drawers, organize EVERYTHING...but my house could use it so I guess this all goes under the love part.
Now for the hate part.  I can't sleep.. It wires me.  I am always hungry and therefore always eating.  It is a shaky "get something in your mouth right now" kind of hunger.  It isn't pretty.  Neither are the pounds I gain while on Pred.  It makes me grouchy........or maybe grouchier.  Well, sometimes I just feel like my skin is going to come off...that's a little unnerving.  I have a bead show in 6 weeks, if I remember correctly it messes with my creativity too and I haven't seen the beadfairy for over three months now.  Things aren't looking too good for me are they? BUT if I get my smeller back, It will be worth it.

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