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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Since I couldn't be in the drug trial I've been waiting to see if I could get one of the two  drugs available that slow the disease process down.  I was told it was $30,000 a year.  Assistance is available to pay for the drug so I was given the paperwork to apply for help.  Today the drug company called to tell me that the first 15 days of the drug would arrive Friday.  I asked the cost and was told there was none!!!  They told me that the next amount I would get after the 15 days would be for 30 days from now on.  I again asked the price......NOTHING!!  What a relief!  I am very grateful.

Here is a picture of me making beads.  I got approval from the doctor to continue making them using a respirator at all times....not comfortable, and impossible to make hollow beads with a hollow mandrel, but I'm happy.

Since I'm showing pictures here is one of my son with his kids and me with my oldest granddaughter.


  1. New meds and the price = YEEEEEEHAWWWWW!!!
    One of my closest friends is beginning the new medication for HepC today. She had to "persuade" her insurance company to kick in. If not, that one pill a day would have cost $1,000. Really??? She'll be on it for 24 wks. Do the math. After they came to an "agreement" her portion will be $5,000. That's more like it.
    I know this recent dx was not in your life plan but I'm glad to see you back at the torch and I'm happy that big pharm has a heart.
    Happy new year, my friend

  2. Dear Harriet,
    I'm so glad you got the pills you needed… at a much reduced rate!
    Good luck taking them and I hope they do the trick.
    Now will TRY to get this email to the "comment" place.
    Mary C.

  3. P.S. The pictures of your family and you are beautiful!
    Mary C.