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Monday, December 8, 2014


So I've had all the tests and interviews for the drug study, now I just have to get through the waiting part to see if I get in.  Two doctors, who are not pulmonologists, have told me that IPF patients can live a long time, which is encouraging.  A third doctor gave me no encouragement at all.  He was distant and somewhat aloof....I wish I knew why. Even if this disease is a killer, don't you think a doctor who takes care of me in another area should at least try to be positive and give me some hope?  Everyone needs hope, you take away that and what's left......just despair, and how does that help anything?
I feel good most days and that is WONDERFUL!
Haven't made any beads yet, but first I have to clean out my studio.  I never cleaned up since my show which was in Nov. It's looking pretty grungy.
Right now I am knitting.  I love knitting.  I'm working on  pair of socks and I just finished a hat for my youngest grandson.
Don't have my tree up yet, but I am halfway through shopping.  I have a love hate relationship with Christmas.  I love the decorations, the family time, the sales, and watching the kids open presents.  However, I don't like the crowds, the traffic jams, looking for a parking place, and waiting in long lines to pay for things.
I feel sad watching my grand children's time split between spending time with their dad and mom over the holidays.  I loved it when we were altogether and the kids didn't have a care in the world.  It's hard watching everyone adjust to a new normal.
Overall, I think the kids do fairly well, but I always think about them when they switch houses.  They don't have a home.  They have two homes that they split their time in, but one is dad's home and one is mom's.  I think this really messes with identity, just my opinion. Actually, I'm having a hard time staying on any one topic today. ( Anyone notice, besides me) so......that is all.

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  1. Rambling? Heck no. I call it "free flowing thought."
    The doc who's aloof - can you kick him to the curb? Too many fish in the sea to mess around with someone who drags you down.
    Christmas - I just put some decorations out yesterday and that was for my husband's sake. If left to my own devices, nothing would have been dragged up from the basement. No one's coming over anyway so why bother? Can you tell it's not a biggie for me?
    I'll keep my fingers permanently crossed (ouch!) that you get in the test group and that you get the "real" stuff.