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Sunday, September 4, 2011


This is my two year old granddaughter, Cassidy.  She's a character and we never know what she's going to say.  She's began talking very early,and incessantly just like her dad did, and she has a mind of her own.  Her dad is my son and he was one of those kids who was.....let's just say challenging to raise.  Never in serious trouble, but always pushing the limits. When he was growing up I used to say, someday I hope you have a child just like you.....I think maybe he did!  The thing is while Cass didn't fall far from the apple tree, neither did her dad, because I was "that kid" growing up, always testing, always pushing.  Now I watch my son parent and he's everything I hoped he would be. Part of me smiles at what he has ahead, raising a strong willed daughter, but another part knows how hard it is on a parent's heart. All I can say is it sure is easier being on the grandparent side  and just watching all of this unfold.

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  1. Oh dear....Max IS getting paid spades.