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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I always wonder about my ancestors, the ones long ago.  Am I like any of them?  Were there any beadmakers in my past?  Honnybunny and I have 4 grandchildren and each one of them is so special to us.  The oldest is 7 and the youngest is 2.  HP is our daughter's son and already he is very athletic.  I don't even know that much about sports, as you all well know if you read my encounter with softball as a child blog, but when I see him play baseball or soccer, even I can recognize that his form is something special.  His paternal grandfather played baseball in his youth, and I often think this must be where HP's talent comes from, but maybe it's back even further. HP's grandfather is still here to see him play and I know that brings him so much joy.  Kate, is our son's oldest daughter.  She will be 6 next month.  She started horseback riding lessons three weeks ago.  Last year she wouldn't even consider getting on a horse, but this year was different.  Kate has had three lessons and her instructor told her mom that Kate was able to post instinctively when the horse trotted.  Apparently this is not an easy thing to learn.  She said she only had one other student who could do that so soon and she was 7 years old.  I couldn't help but think of my HB's mom, Kate's great grandmother.  She was an avid horseback rider as young girl.  I know she won many ribbons and we have pictures of her in her riding habit on several horses.  She's gone now and will never see Kate ride, but she would have been so proud.  So Honeybunny packaged up some pictures of his mom and sent them on to Kate.  I guess this is just part of growing old, seeing other generations in your children and grandchildren.  It's kind of bittersweet.

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