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Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's All Relative

My Honeybunny had surgery today, three hernia repairs.  One of them was really big, the result of another abdominal surgery that never healed properly.  Actually my HB has lots of big medical issues and he is a real trooper most of the time.  He had a cancerous area on his liver about 18 months ago that was a result of medication he was taking to treat his major disease.  It was successfully removed with a small incision.  That area never healed properly and that's where the hernia grew and grew.  The doctor was able to fix the two little hernias from the inside but he had to make an incision for the big hernia.  Actually, it's a pretty big incision.  So when I first got to see him in the recovery room he was not feeling very well.  He said. "Man this hurts, I mean really hurts.  Did you ever have anything that hurt like this?"  Hmmmm,  let me see, oh yeah there was that time I had a foot of my colon removed for diverticulitis, yeah that kind of hurt.  Then I had that ectopic pregnancy that ruptured.  Yep I remember that being kind of painful too. Oh and wait what about two of our children who were C- sections, one because he weighed 9 lbs...yeah that was just a tad painful too!!  Hello, you were there, don't you remember?  You know I don't think he could even relate.  About two hours later our oldest daughter called and he began telling her how painful it was and began questioning her about her experience with this kind of pain.  She reminded him of her son, our oldest grandson who got here by, yep, C-section.   I could tell that he still could see no comparison.  As a retired nurse I've seen many men in pain.  They seem to do well with sports injuries or accidents, but surgeries, especially of the belly area, not so much.

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  1. I am glad he is doing ok. I guess it is a good sign that he is able to complain. Most men are sort of like that, except my Dad, he seems to never complain. Go figure.