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Monday, August 8, 2011


HB is still in the hospital.  His plumbing hasn't been working like it should so they decided to keep him several extra days.  He doesn't have much of an appetite and he sure isn't very eager to get up and walk around.  He's kind of happy just staying in bed.  Today he called me in the morning and said the aide wanted him to start his bath, but he wanted to wait til I came down and then I could give him his bath.  Seriously?  So I went down with my nurse Ratchett face and helped him bathe himself.  I did wash his back, but the rest was pretty much up to him.  You know it's kind of hard to do that, but my nurse self tells me he needs to move around, get his circulation going, push himself a little bit.  The wife part of me just wants to do it all, wrap him up in a blanket and rub his forehead until he falls asleep.  Sometimes being a nurse/wife has been a good thing because I understand his disease and what needs to be done.  I can talk some of the medical jargon.  What I don't understand I can look up. Then there are other times, like today, when the nurse part of me is kind of hard on him, and I wish I could just be the wife.

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