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Thursday, August 18, 2011


I got an email from my sister this morning telling me it was entirely too long between my blog posts and I know she's right.  I just have too many irons in the fire right now.  I'm working with my IT guy to get my website up and running.  It's kind of been a trial by fire, but we are getting there.  I've had to rethink some things about where I want to go with my bead business.  I love making beads, but when you make them you need to sell them.  It's just not happening on ebay right now.  I know it's the economy for the most part, but when you judge yourself by your work and it is not accepted (bought) it makes you doubt yourself, at least this is what happens to me.  The set of pink beads that I showed here didn't get a bid last week, so I am left to wonder if they were priced too high, they are unattractive, or floral beads no longer "in".  Ebay is being flooded with Chinese beads that are not annealed and of coarse much cheaper.  I think my main focus will now be selling on Etsy.  I have several beadmaker friends who have been very successful using that site.  I hope by next week I will have everything up and running.  I do have an Etsy store now, but I want to change it's appearance. So people, that's what I have been up to and why I haven't updated.  Oh, I have had one success the past several days.  For anyone who read my long stand off with a fly in my bathroom, my aim has improved considerably.  The score this week Harriet 4  flies 0 and I got them all on the first swat !

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