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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It's been a rough couple of years for my Honeybunny.  He has a very rare blood clotting disorder and has had some severe medical issues in the past.  A specialist in New York, whom I consider to be a miracle worker, a genius and a very kind man, suggested that HB start an experimental drug that has shown some success.  It's extremely expensive but since HB is a vet the VA has agreed to pay for the medication, and it appears to be working! At long last he is beginning to act like his old self.  I know this because he has started to cook again.  He loves to cook, and I have to say that after 43 years of cooking, I really like that in a man.  He likes to prepare things on the grill, but he experiments with indoor cooking too.  Tonight he made hamburgers and baked beans, and it was yummy.  Then after dinner he, who says he doesn't like sweets, decided he wanted to make beignets....yes, I said beignets.  Now HB is not a neat cook.  When I walked through the kitchen about an hour later every cabinet door was open.  There was not one speck of open kitchen counter space, and I think he used every single cooking utensil that we own.  However, also on the counter were little tiny miniature beignets....and they were GOOD!  But the best part was that HB was in the midst of all of it and he was happy and so was I.

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