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Friday, October 7, 2011



This is Kate, my oldest granddaughter.  Today she is six years old.  I remember when her daddy was six, it was just yesterday wasn't it?  I remember when I was six too.  That's a whole lot of sixes that went by  really fast.  I love that it's all ahead for Kate.  I wish that I could go through life with her all the way, but know it isn't possible.  So now I just try to make a whole lot of good memories for her, like I have of my grandmothers.  Happy Birthday, sweet girl. You are my sunshine.


  1. I can remember a loong time ago I was six too. My great grandchildren are six years old now. :)

    Have you taught Kate how to quilt yet?
    Mary C.

  2. Not yet Mary, but I'm looking forward to the day :)