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Sunday, October 2, 2011


I'm so lucky I have a sister.  We are three years apart and I am the oldest.  When we were young I mostly thought she was dragging me down, you know, the tag along when you were with your friends.  We're so dumb when we are young, at least I was.  We had the best time during this visit.  Here we are. She's in the purple, I'm in the green.  While our husbands bummed around we went to quilt shop and the St. James Art Fair, which is the highlight of fall here in Louisville.  Mostly though we just talked and laughed and remembered.  I did re-teach her how to crochet.  My hubby took this picture because he thought it was kind of amusing, and truthfully it is. Just give two old gals a crochet hook and some yarn and they're happy!  The three days flew by.  I wish we lived closer.  I'd love to have her tag along with my friends and me:)


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