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Saturday, October 29, 2011


I'm getting ready for a show.  I'm not a well organized beadmaker.  Truth be told, I work much better under pressure.  However, I don't work well without supplies and right now the 25 handmade toggles I ordered are still sitting in a flooded Thailand.  They were suppose to be shipped September 25th but as of yesterday they were still at the point of origin.  My heart s sinking, since these toggles are beautiful and I think they add a special pizazz to my beads.  If necessary I will take the toggles off my own bracelets, but I haven't kept that many, so it really won't help much.  I guess I better order some ordinary toggles huh?  I know some of you are wondering how I know what I have in my studio considering the disarray you see in the pictures, but trust me I know where everything is, and I WILL find it........eventually :)


  1. Thanks Beadroe, that makes me feel better! I have some friends who are very organized. I just can't work that way, although I've tried ,but before I know it the mess has creeped back in!