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Saturday, January 21, 2012


My sister says I do not add new posts enough to keep this blog thing going.  She's probably right, but here's the thing.  Who cares that I have a 5/8 inch build up of dust on all the furniture in my house, that my beadmaking mojo seems to have taken a permanent leave of absence (without permission, I might add) or that ALL of the drawers in my house have suddenly become junk drawers.  Seriously who out there in blog reader blogdom cares about this ?  I live it, and at this point I don't even care :)

I blame part of the cleaning problem on my knees and back, which is a good excuse considering I have had multiple spinal fusions and a knee replacement, but only for things that require my attention sitting or kneeling on the floor.  This covers baseboards, and storage containers under the beds, but little else that I can think of right now.  I was hoping I could come up with so much more.

Dusting?  I hate dusting.  It's never ending.  If you clean out a drawer and are diligent about keeping it in order, it stays that way.  I have no control over dust.  I remove it, it comes back.  It's like it's taunting me.  I choose to ignore it.

On to bead mojo.  I have no answers to where it went, so now I am knitting.  I have ideas of beads to make, but so far few of them have been successful.  I'm not giving up, just taking the time to clean my studio, think about beads.  Hopefully Miss Mojo will return and we will make some beautiful beads.

Okay, I have a new approach to this cleaning thing.  Today I will clean and purge two drawers.  I will do this every day until they are all done.  Dust, you just keep on keeping on.  I do not see you.  This is my world people, kind of boring isn't it?  :)  But hey, I wrote a blog entry.  Yay me ! 

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