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Monday, January 30, 2012


Today HB and I went to look at new cars.  My car is 10 years old this year.  It's still a good car, but it needs to be a second car, not the one we use every day.  It's tired. We decided to get a 2012 model because we keep our cars FOREVER. When we bought my Mountaineer it had several really cool  bonus items.....heated seats, a beeping sound when something came close to the back of the car, and a moon roof.  Oh yeah, and the rear door lifted up from the bottom and covered you while you were loading your groceries.  It was the bomb!.......or so I thought then.
Today we purchased a car that is smarter than both of us put together.  You talk to it and it does stuff!  I mean, come on, it's a car.  I can tell it to call people, or play the music I want to hear.  The rear door opens with the push of a button.  The car tells me when there is slow traffic ahead.  It starts itself when I push a button.....from OUTSIDE the car! Really it boggles the mind!  It will take me at least a month to read through the manual.  Remembering what I read will require intense note taking. I'm old. Memory is not one of my strengths.
There is even a class given for buyers so they can understand their cars.  Does anyone besides me think that this is just a wee bit scary? don't need a key to start this car.  You just need the key on your body.  Tonight HB and I stopped by Panera on the way home from getting said car.  We went in to get carry out. (Seriously, that sentence itself it freaking me out...going in, to carry out??)  HB decided he would wait until he got inside the car to start it.  Once inside he pushed the start button......nothing happened.  He pushed it again........nothing.  So he messes around with more bells and whistles which resulted in some iTunes, a phone call, numerous lights coming on and going off, a very warm seat, but still no engine noise.   He put the car in reverse anyway and it went.....nowhere.  Finally he got the driver's manual from the middle seat and I began to read it to him.  After two readings of Basic How to Start Your Car 101 we realized that you had to push the brake as you pushed the start button.......a ha!   See, two brains and we still couldn't start our own car.....the future isn't looking good for us is it?

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  1. Your new car sounds like the 'bomb'and I'm sure will keep your brains ticking along nicely :-)