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Sunday, July 21, 2013


Look to the right.  I saw this Badge after I wrote my post on July 21,  30 Posts in 30 Days.  I'm in.  I need this kind of challenge.  How about you, are you in too?  So my paragraph for the day is this:

I've had a hard time making beads lately.  There are so many beautiful beads out there and I don't feel like I've grown in bead making.  However, I think my watercolor floral beads are okay, so I'm just going to go with them for awhile, but I am going to attempt to expand  my basic design.  I wonder where this will take me?  I hope in a good direction.  I will try to publish my results or failures.  However, I am so picky.  I hope I can find a bead or two that I am happy with.


  1. So, the first time I read your opening statement I thought the word was "badger" not "badge." I looked for quite a while for a picture of that nasty animal all the while wondering what the heck it had to do with anything.
    Whew, that was painful.
    I look forward to seeing how you hold up under the pressure of daily blogging.
    Your water color florals are ok? hahaha, are you crazy, lady? They're outstanding!!! Expanding on them could only make them better if that's possible.
    Ok, I'm done sucking up.

    1. Ellen, you are such a sweetie! I appreciate your kind words. I'm just kind of stuck in a non creative bog. Hopefully I will soon find the damn ladder and climb out :)

  2. For no reason I can think of (other than a possible age-related memory lapse), I haven't visited here in a while. Wow! You've faced some challenges, lady. So glad you've stayed strong enough to come out standing and smiling on the other side of them. And still blogging, too! Your blog is lovely.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Yep it's been one of those years whose memories should go a high shelf in a dark deep place, never to be thought about again. I'm working on it :0