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Thursday, July 25, 2013


I've come to the conclusion that my life is way too boring to write something on my blog every single day.  Well, actually (these are 4 year old Cassidy's  favorite words right now, "well actually" is how she begins answering anything you ask her) anyhow my life isn't really that boring but the parts I want to share are pretty dull. However, I am going to have my head examined tomorrow, by way of an MRI.  I've had some strange symptoms recently and this is just kind of a random check up.  I had and MRI of both my shoulders two weeks ago and found out I have tears in tendons of both shoulders.  Not the Rotator cuff, another pesky tendon.  Also have arthritis.....damn old age ! :)  I am sure not liking the aging thing, but it is better than the alternative. Sleep well, people, this is all I've got for today.

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  1. I wish someone had told me that my "golden age" was my 30s. I would have burned it a bit more.
    A blog suggestion: you could use it to tell us about your younger years. Where you grew up, how you and Hank met, etc., etc.